Sculpted Portrait


Mascot Candle Sculpture in Process

I believe it is a unique service that I offer here at Sculpted Portrait. I know of no other artist creating custom-made figural candles.

Perhaps you want candles:

  • of your patron saint for church or personal use,
  • of your school mascot to promote spirit or sell as a fundraiser,
  • for your wedding,
  • with your company logo,
  • or something completely original you think up on your own!

Whatever candle you want, I can make it!

Call or email to discuss prices.

Cost to sculpt and mold candle model*: $90 (one-time fee for a 12″ candle)
Cost to cast personally designed candle: $20

Remember, once the mold is made, each candle will always be just $20. I hope that you will order many of your personally designed candles through the years. Once you see and smell one of these beautiful beeswax candles, I just bet you will!

If you would like to order a custom candle, view the products page.

Please see the gallery for samples of my work.

Read about my beekeeping to learn more about my process of candle-making.

*This is a service not an item for sale.